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Marriage is a living, sacred covenant between two people which includes but also extends beyond the exchange of vows to the entire life of the conjugal relationship. This covenant is sacred because the love between the couple participates in the love between Christ and His Bride, the Church. Its sacredness is also attested to by the fact that it helps the partners and those who know and love them to reach their fulfillment of life with God.

When celebrated between Christians, we believe marriage is a sacrament which, in signifying the love between Christ and His church, actually makes that Divine Love (Grace) present for the benefit of those married and all who know and love them.

There are two purposes of marriage. One is mutual love and support, which is a generous gift of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual self to a partner. This beautifully passionate and committed love for one another is a source, together with God's Grace, for the other equally significant end of marriage which is the generous outflow of love from the couple to other human beings. Enriching new life can find its expression in good works among the members of the community of the Church and especially for the poor and needy of our society. This second purpose of marriage is also powerfully evident when a couple allows its love to overflow into the life of a biological or adopted son or daughter. The key word used in the descriptions of both purposes of marriage is "generous." It is in giving, not taking, that Christians receive the most joy from marriage.

Those who seek marriage should understand that the relationship is a living covenant to be entered into without any conditions affecting the consent of the individuals. The two properties of this covenant are exclusiveness and permanence. If a marriage commitment is exclusive, it means that the married couple fully intend to reserve the beautiful intimacy of their relationship to one another alone. If it is permanent, the married couple intend to enter a bond that will last a lifetime. In the event that the relationship does not last a lifetime, the church will be there to welcome you with open arms, to assist you with healing, and to offer you the opportunity of a second chance. If your faith makes you ready to celebrate the joys and responsibilities of Christian marriage, then we are ready to assist you in the preparation and planning of your wedding ceremony.

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