Chapel of the Holy Spirit

An Independent 
Catholic Community
155 Douglas Avenue
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The Blessed and Holy Sacraments

Each sacrament is the action of Christ and is the extension of His earthly ministry offered to the believer in the here and now. It is God reaching down to us, not our struggling to reach up to God. The focus is not on the priest, not on the individual, not on the church—the focus of attention is to be on Christ Himself.   We must never forget the most important focal point of all sacraments. It is Jesus Christ the Lord who is the supreme Sacrament. It is He who is active in the sacraments, both in the administration and in the reception of them.

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We have infant as well as adult Baptisms. Baptism is the first sacrament of Christian Initiation. Baptism of adults takes place at the Easter Vigil Mass.  Arrangements must be made in advance. Please contact Fr. Jakob to  arrange a date and supply pertinent information. Individual Baptismal preparation is required.


Confirmation is celebrated at the Easter Vigil and on the anniversary Mass of the parish on the second Sunday of September.  A season of preparation is required.  The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: is the process whereby adults become members of the catholic Church.  For more info, please contact Fr. Jakob  before or after Mass.


Children are eligible typically eligible to receive their First Communion at the age of seven (during second grade). They will also make their First Confession as part of their preparation to make their First Communion. We offer an open table for all Baptized Christians. 


Has it been awhile since your last confession?

Don't be at all worried! Our priests are eager to help you through the sacrament.
We want you to know Christ's love and his mercy! Reconciliation is available between 8- 8:45am and 5-5:45pm on Sundays or by special arrangements. 


Please notify us if someone you know is homebound and would like to be added to our Communion call list, or would like to receive the Sacrament of the Sick.


Congratulations on your engagement! The Holy Scriptures describe God’s plan for marriage as a grace for a happy life and sign of Christ’s faithful and fruitful love for his Bride, the Church. We at Chapel of the Holy Spirit are excited for you to grow in this love and understanding. For more information see our wedding page here


If you or someone you know is discerning about living life as a priest, deacon, or religious, please contact the Hussite Vocation Office or speak with Father Jakob or Fr. Peter in person.