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Catholic Community
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Twelve Enough
Theological Rants, Musings on the Mystical, 
and Wonderings About Stuff  

Two Baptist pastors, Jonathan Malone and Darin Collins, were getting together for food, beer, and conversation about churchy stuff and out of that came the podcast Twelve Enough. They wanted a place for critical thinking, progressive ideas, and grass roots Christianity to be discussed and considered. Since then the podcast has brought in a number of great guest hosts, considered a variety of topics, and has reached tens of people.

Fr. Doug (Ukrainian Orthodox), Rev. Jonathan (American Baptist), and Frs. Jakob and John (Old Catholic) like to talk. They like to talk a lot, so in these episodes we hear what they have to share. No main topic, but listen to the rest and understand what a big deal it is to not only have an Orthodox and a Catholic with a Baptist, but also what a big deal it is to have two libertarians with a “socialist” (or so claims Doug about Jonathan).

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