Chapel of the Holy Spirit

An Independent 
Catholic Community
155 Douglas Avenue
Providence, RI 02908

About the Chapel

Holy Spirit Image "Catholic Worker"


By maintaining and professing faithfully the doctrine of Jesus Christ, by refusing to admit those errors which by the fault of men have crept into the Catholic Church, by laying aside the abuses in ecclesiastical matters, together with the worldly tendencies of the hierarchy, we believe that we shall be able to combat efficaciously the great evils of our day, which are unbelief and indifference in matters of religion. 

~Declaration of Utrecht 1889~

The Chapel of the Holy Spirit community is an inclusive chapel. Here all are treated with respect. Sunday Liturgy: 9am & 6pm Mass 155 Douglas Ave. 

Our clergy also say Sunday Liturgy for the patients of the Berkshire Place Nursing Home, a 350 bed facility near the parish. 
Joseph Rene Vilatte
We want to guard against Carforism.  Our Church is clean and pure.  Every man is a gentleman. [Every woman is a lady].  Every priest, a sheperd of souls.  The Church is young and small but it is holy without spot.  The size of the Church is less important than the nature and kind of clergy it possesses.  We teach and believe all that is ancient and historic in regards to what the Catholic Christendom teaches.
                                                                           Bishop Paul Francis Cope 1941

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