Chapel of the Holy Spirit

155 Douglas Avenue 
Providence, Rhode Island 02908

The Chapel of the Holy Spirit is a strong supporter of Marriage Equality and believes that although none of us are worthy, all of us are welcome to the sacraments of God's church.  Jesus himself embraced diversity, love, and acceptance of all during the Last Supper.

The community at Holy Paraclete seeks to affirm for all couples the recognition and blessing of their union. The sacrament of matrimony is unusual in that it is the only sacrament in which the persons administering the sacrament are the same persons receiving it. The couple confers the sacrament to each other. The function of the priest or deacon is to be the official witness of the church and if applicable, the state.

The community at Chapel of the Holy Spirit supports the holy union of couples and their families regardless of prior marital status, gender of partners or diversity of families. Every family is valuable and every marriage deserves support for spiritual, emotional, sexual and economic stability.

If you are interested in having your wedding performed by one of our priests, 

please fill out the Church of the Holy Paraclete's Wedding Form 

which can be returned to us by email or at the time of your consultation meeting.

For more information, please contact us.

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